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Dear Readers,

Kloe Kloe is a name that I used on social media when I worked in prison. They’ll find you online when they’ve got 23 hours of captivity and an officer’s smuggling mobiles through security. Letters started arriving under the name Kloe and so I thought hey, why not?

If the likes of Ariel Levy, Rachel Cusk, Nora Ephron, Deborah Levy, Dolly Alderton, and Sheila Heti are sitting cracked at the spine on your shelf then you’re going to have a really lovely time here. I’ve recently wondered if I’d prefer not to wake up from a Nora Ephron induced book coma, but then I have to wake up to cook dinner.

Similar authors crop up often who I’ve sat down with over email, such as Obama’s stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein, undercover journalist Julia Ebner, genre bending journalist Lisa Taddeo and debut author Kate Weinberg who’s been hailed as the next Donna Tartt.

So sit back, relax and enjoy from the comforts of your wine filled reading corner.

“The wondrous thing about being human – the beauty and banality of it – is that we all tend to dwell in the same handful of elemental struggles, joys and sorrows”

Figuring, by Maria Popova

Please Note: I work in the best bookstore in the world (genuinely, we won an award for it in 2020), but all opinions and reviews are my own.