An Interview with Dawn O’Porter

Famed in the literary world for her hugely successful novel, The Cows, Dawn O’Porter is back with her novel, So Lucky, which centres around universal issues facing the modern woman. From self-worth to relationship struggles, you will laugh and maybe even cry your way through this cringe-inducingly hilarious novel. Read our interview with this fabulous writer, director, presenter, mother of two, and wife to Emmy winning actor, Chris O’Dowd.

What does a day in the life of Dawn O’Porter look like?

Up with the kids anytime from 6. Get them fed, dressed. Two hours of total chaos before dropping them at school. I get to my workspace at around 9.15 and write like a maniac until 4.30 when I go pick them up, do dinner, bath, bed. Chris and I do alternate days. When he picks up, I work until about 6. When the kids are down I cook something delicious for us, we watch a show, then I pass out.

Which scene in So Lucky did you find the most challenging to write and why?

The wedding scene. It’s when it all comes together and it’s always really scary to get to the scene that the whole book hangs on because if it doesn’t work, I’ve kinda messed up.

Ruby, Beth and Lauren have personal challenges that many women are going to relate to. What is it that pushed you to write about those specific challenges?

I think they are really universal issues that most women will have some experience of. Lauren’s life is largely to do with Instagram, but if you take that out the issues are self-worth and relationship battles, which have been a part of the female experience from the beginning of time and always will be. I’ve taken timeless problems but put them in a modern setting.

What do you hope people will take from reading So Lucky?

I hope they realise that everyone is struggling with something, and even though that isn’t a great thing, it’s important to know you’re not the only one. No one’s life is perfect, so striving for perfection is a waste of time.

Tell us one thing about Dawn O’Porter that not a lot of people know?

Oh God, this question. I mean, if you don’t know it then I don’t think I want you to know!

If Lauren Laverne stranded you on an island after a Desert Island Discs appearance which book would you take and why?

Jane Eyre. To me she is the most perfectly drawn female character ever written. A women unto herself. I am so inspired by the way that book is written and call upon it for motivation all the time. I could read it 1000 times and never get bored.

What’s the trick to balancing being a writer, presenter, director, mother, wife, everything in between, and hilarious comedian on Instagram?

I only really write and parent these days. Instagram happens in the breaks. The trick for me is making sure I work a solid 9 to 5 five days a week. As long as I do that, I have it all under control. When that is challenged, I am a total mess.

How did you and Chris celebrate his Emmy win?

We partied for a week.

Will you be sure to pop into Unity Books if you ever come to New Zealand?

I would LOVE to, thanks for the support!

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