To Be Enjoyed In Isolation


  • Paint vaginas. It’s cathartic. Then share them on Instagram @Kloe_Blades.
  • Cook the easiest cake in the world. Melted chocolate mixed with cornflakes put to set in the fridge for awhile. The joy in having created something and dropping some off to your neighbour’s doorstep is worth it.
  • Stasis Journal is open for submissions, specifically pieces of work produced during the current rāhui. Head to their instagram page for more information.


  • Gossipmongers for some serious British filth as they read out stomach churning gossip.
  • How to Fail author and podcast host Elizabeth Day in conversation with modern day philosopher Alain de Botton. Your COVID-19 anxieties will be eased (eased, not erased).
  • Radio 4’s Fortunately with Fi and Jane is filled with enough menial comedic chat to cheer anyone up.
  • The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes is great home-learning entertainment on all things pop culture, books and more.
  • You’ll Do is about what makes relationships work. Laugh out loud hilarious with comedians and real-life couple Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth.


  • Victoria University Press is offering a complimentary e-book filled with excerpts written by modern day New Zealand writers and poets.
  • Social Distances #1 by Sternberg Press, Berlin is a download full of art theory excerpts straight from the pages of their aesthetically pleasing publications. Follow them on Instagram too their books are beautiful.
  • Go to LitHub to see what your quarantine read says about you.
  • Pantograph Punch has published a piece by Lana Lopesi on Art in Isolation.
  • New York based publishers 4Columns are “working to facilitate virtual access to contemporary culture during this period” and have a stunner of a website to simply peruse.

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